BiBee (The Movie) in pre-production

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BiBee the film is gaining speed toward it’s first production:

Here is a film that has pulled interest from some of well-known industry buffs like, Oscar Nominated and Emmy Award Winning Director Russell Calabrese (Pinky and the Brain), who is now working with some of today’s highest award winning cartoon shows like Camp Lazlo, Jimmy Neutron, and Fan Boy and Chum chum just to prove that this director is just as hot today as he was back in 1995, and Emmy Award winning writer Evelyn Gabai (Winnie the Pooh), who worked with Hanna Barbera back in the day with well known cartoons like, Scooby Doo, Smurfs, and the Jetsons. Today she has chalked up credits to such animated works as Penguins of Madagascar and continues to be in the forefront of some of the industries greatest animated TV shows and films. The two have worked for all the major industry companies you can think of like Disney, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Hanna Barbera, and are looking forward to see where BiBee, a character  based on a story written by Author David Seuss will be taken.

In addition,  AUW Animation Studio, LLC. based in Phoenix, AZ is looking into possible distribution deals and offers to fund the BiBee film into production as early Febraury 2013 where some of the filming production could take place in countries as far off as Germany and Australia, but a majority of the development will still remain right here in the United States with a production crew working nationwide in CA, NC, TX, IA, AZ, and CO. The film budget for BiBee could reach as high as 6 million dollars in funding with distribution negotiations currently in the works.


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     A country setting, a warehouse is producing light bulbs and the day is hot. A pregnant mosquito is flying, looking for a place of shelter, finds an open window and goes inside the warehouse. The window is later closed, trapping the mother inside the warehouse. A baby mosquito is born, named BiBee.

As BiBee is growing up, his mother warns him not to go over to the assembly line where they are making light bulbs because of the danger. She has witnessed tragic moments where fellow flies and mosquitoes have lost their very lives. BiBee goes over anyways and ends up being packaged inside a light bulb by mistake. The bulb is placed in a box and he is shipped out, never to see his mother again.

BiBee never will give up on searching for his mother in hopes of one day finding her. Watch the adventures of BiBee in his quest to get back home.(Edited from original story)

Registered with the WGA 2011

Pre-Production and Production credits:

  • Created and Directed by Author David Seuss
  • German Producers Felix Kersting and Christian Peschken
  • Producer Steven E. Kimbrough
  • 3D Producer Bob Johnson
  • 3D Supervisor Eddie Oleshak
  • 3D Programmer Rick Johnson
  • Casting Director Pam Gilles
  • Supporting Writers Kathleen and Jaclyn Krupa
  • Supporting Editor Cheryl Sease
  • German V/O Advisor Linda Joy
  • Storyboard Support Diana Teran
  • Music Score by LeRoy Wolfgramm
  • Treatment by Kathleen Krupa and Jaclyn Krupa
  • Story by Author David Seuss under the pen name of Mr. DooLee Doo, based on characters created by Author David Seuss
  • Illustrations Blake Williams, and Diana Teran.
  • Animation Supervisor Nathan Acuna
  • Animation Modelers Francisco Castanos and Adrian Farley.
  • Music courtesy of LeRoy Wolfgramm, Peter Yarrow, and Bob Vergura.

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